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Across the globe, former conflict areas are littered with millions of landmines and other explosive remnants of war, and everyday numerous civilians are maimed or killed by such devices. In addition, these mines also pose a major obstacle to the economic and social re-development of communities following conflict. Surveying and clearing such areas from UXOs continues to be expensive and challenging due to a range of difficulties that are affected by variables, such as geographical location and terrain. This is why we have designed the Mine Kafon Vento – a small, low-cost surveying and mapping drone primarily aimed for use in former areas of conflict around the world. The Vento drone is open source and will be made available to the communities who need it the most. The drone’s simple, functional design makes it easy to repair, with 3D printed casing to decentralise manufacture, thus keeping upkeep costs low. In this way, we want to help De-mining NGOs and local communities by providing them with a low-cost but invaluable tool that enables them to assess potential risks within a certain area.

The Vento drone is controlled remotely by an operator and used to collect multiple images of areas under investigation. These pictures can be analysed on the MK Ground Station, where danger zones and landmines can be tagged on a map via GPS coordinates. This data can be shared on the Mine Kafon online platform, where information can also be accessed by NGOs and the local government via intuitive user interfaces. Such a database can then aid in instructing civilians to avoid hazardous areas, as well as providing a foundational data basis for future de-mining operations.


The MK Vento is compatible with the MK Ground Station, which was specifically designed for the Mine Kafon drone platform. The ground station allows users to select the preinstalled Vento setup, ensuring that the drone can operate to its full potential and can start working immediately.

SIZE 40cm x 40cm x40cm
Flight time45 Minute Max
Weight3.5 Kg
Motors4 Brushless engines
Camera Full HD 1080P,  60FPS,  3 Axis Gimble

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