In 2011, Massoud Hassani created the Mine Kafon, a wind powered spherical device that rolls across minefields, detonating landmines on contact, as his graduation project from the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Following the huge interest sparked by Mine Kafon, in 2013, the company Hassani Design BV was created, establishing the Mine Kafon R&D Lab;  a playground of innovation. With a multidisciplinary team, Hassani Design BV is able to develop sustainable solutions for environmental and social problems.

Mine Kafon team - R&D?

We are a creative multidisciplinary and multicultural team that combines design and engineering in order to create solutions and new projects that will transform the world.

Join our team?

Most of the Team members are volunteers, interns and supporters of this amazing project. If you are also interested in becoming a Mine Kafon member, please get in touch through hello@minekafon.org, fill in the form bellow or you can view our full list of available positions. In case there are no available positions that suit your background, do not despair and feel free to contact us with your proposition on how you can help us.

massoud hassani


Massoud Hassani?

Founder of Mine Kafon and Hassani Design

Born in Afghanistan, Massoud Hassani moved to The Netherlands in 1998 in search of a new life. As a child growing up in Kabul, Massoud developed an interest in technology and the Arts. This interest lead Massoud to study Industrial Design at Design Academy Eindhoven, focusing his work upon the relationships between his Dutch and Afghan cultures. Massoud graduated in 2011 and in 2013 created his own company with help of his brother, Mahmud, to develop and build upon his graduation project.

Since his graduation, Massoud has won several international Prizes, notably being listed by complex.com as one of the top 25 designers shaping the future of design and named by AutoDesk as being in the top 100 designers of Global Public Interest who would re-imagine and shape our World.

Mahmud Hassani


Mahmud Hassani?

Co-founder of the Mine Kafon Platform and founder of Hassani Design 

Mahmud Hassani was born Afghanistan. Due to Afghanistan’s dangerous and unpredicatable situation,  the Hassani family moved to Pakistan, then Uzbekistan, finally settling in The Netherlands. This international and multicultural experience, encouraged Mahmud’s development of a unique perspective and innate ability to communicate speaking five languages.

Mahmud’s degree in business and marketing allowed him to build the foundations of Hassani Design B.V as a business. Mahmud utilises his wide skill set as Director of Hassani Design B.V in supporting and promoting the development of the company’s revolutionary products.



Jevgenij Lavrentjev?

Jevgenij was born in Latvia, Riga and completed his bachelors degree in International Business Administration at Tilburg University with a minor in Information Management. During his studies, Jevgenij became fascinated by the power of innovation and the way in which it is able to shape society. In 2014 Jevgenij organised the Conference on Innovation, where he met Mine Kafon founder Massoud Hassani. Jevgenij joined the Mine Kafon team to help bring the idea to the market.

Nuria mine kafon b&w


Nuria Barriga Moreno?

Nuria was born in Mexico. Her constant interest and passion for design drove her to study a bachelor in Industrial Design. Following her graduation, Nuria worked as a furniture designer for a few years in her home city, then moved to Barcelona for six months to achieve one of her dreams of living in Europe. With the purpose of further her education, Nuria moved to The Netherlands, where she is currently studying Psychology & Technology at the University of Technology, Eindhoven, exploring the ways in which technology is able to influence people and create exciting user experiences.

Mark Brand


Mark Brand?

Mark Brand is from the Netherlands and is a schooled designer and self-taught programmer. Mark began his studies at the University of Technology,  Eindhoven, studying a Bachelor of Science degree at the faculty of Industrial Design, then went on to continue his studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Mark’s work focusses on the semantics of hard products and soft graphics, whilst remaining technologically minded. Mark is a “digital craftsman” and acts on the field that bridges programming and design.

Francesca Hobbs


Francesca Hobbs?
Francesca is from the cathedral city of Lincoln, England and is an undergraduate at the University of Loughborough, studying 3D Design: New Practice. As part of her degree’s Industrial Training Placement module, Francesca chose to move to Eindhoven to gain experience at the cutting edge of the design industry. Francesca aims to channel her creative experience towards developing new products and ideas at Hassani Design and hopes to use the year to cultivate her material, theoretical and technical design knowledge.
IMG_4271 como objeto inteligente-1


María Frías Goyenechea?

Maria is originally from Mexico. Interested in finding medical solutions, Maria studied Biomedical Engineering in Mexico City. Looking for international experiences, Maria moved to Seville, Spain for 7 months and then to Calgary, Canada, where she worked on her research project. To further her education, Maria decided to move to The Netherlands, the complete her Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Technology Eindhoven.



Chengcheng Guo?

Chengcheng comes from China. With the aim to become an engineer, Chengcheng majored in Mechatronic Engineering for 3 years in Shanghai, China. Seeking international experiences, Chengcheng moved to the Netherlands where she plans to continue with her studies at the HZ University of Applied Science.



He Guangxian?

He Guangxian is from China. In 2011, Guangxian graduated from the Shenyang University of technology, with bachelor’s degree in Material Science. Guangxian continued his studies in Mechanical Engineering at the Ecole d’ingénieurs Polytechnique de l’Université de Tours, France. Following his graduation, Guangxian worked for six months developing agricultural machinery for the first asian mushroom factory in France then traveled extensively before seeking an internship in The Netherlands.


ernst jan louwers

IP Lawyer

Ernst-Jan Louwers?

Ernst-Jan Louwers operates at the intersection of technology, innovation, intellectual property and intellectual asset management. He sees the lawyer primarily as a risk manager who should enable conducting business, choose a strategy or formulate a policy with calculated risks. In 1986, he started as a lawyer at the Van Wijmen Nouwen law firm, now called AKD. Later he worked for the American law firm Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, becoming a partner of the firm in 1993. Since 2001, he has been working from his Eindhoven-based office. From 1 January 2003 to 1 December 2006, he was chairman of the IP/IT department at AKD. In 2006 he and Marianne Korpershoek founded Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten. He was nominated for the election of Best Lawyer of 2008 in the category of IP/IT, and for the Golden Peer Election for ICT law.

eric de groot

ACE Account Manager

Erik Groot?

Erik Groot represents ACE Product Development in the Netherlands. He is in charge to work in cooperation with the customer, having a close contact on the design intent, from the early start all the way to the release of the product. He advises on the choice of materials, production techniques and assembly sequence. ACE thinks about ergonomics, choice of electronics and we research the possible manufacturers. ACE Product Development can even take on the role of integrator.

pieter van der wielen

Brain Port

Pieter van der Wielen?

Brainport Eindhoven Region is a top technology breeding ground for innovation and home to world-class businesses, knowledge institutes and research institutions. Together they design and manufacture the technology of the future, helping to ensure a safe, green and caring society and sustainable economic development of The Netherlands. The five focal sectors of the company are High Tech Systems & Materials, Food, Automotive, Lifetec and Design. The economic success is the result of unique cooperation among industry, research and government. This generates a very conducive climate for business, for both internationally renowned companies and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in the region.

ad van berlo bw

Founder VanBerlo

Ad van Berlo?

Ad formed the VanBerlo agency after graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Ad is now a founding partner of IQ+ Innovation Capitalist, chairman of Capital D/Dutch Design Week, founder and board member of Brainport Industries and board member of CLICK//Design.


theo jansen bl


Theo Jansen?

Supporter of the Mine Kafon project, Theo Jansen, is a Dutch artist and kinetic sculptor. In 1990, Jansen began his most famous body of work, building large mechanisms out of PVC that move powered by the wind, known as Strandbeest. Jansen’s animated works, a fusion of art and engineering. Jansen strives to equip his creations with their own artificial intelligence so they can change course to avoid obstacles when detected.


University of Tilburg

dr. J.S. Small?

Supporter of Mine Kafon, he is an expert in the fields of Entrepreneurship (both from the corporate and small business point of view), the theory and practices related to Innovation Strategy and Management, and developments in the fields of Operations  and Supply Chain Management. Tilburg University

short movie by Ardent Film

The international award winning Mine Kafon film, directed by Callum Cooper, has helped to raise awareness of the issues surrounding landmines around the globe.

Massoud Mahmud Hassani Mine Kafon
callum cooper


Callum Cooper?

Callum Cooper is the founder of Ardent Film, a charitable trust that creates films that are of cultural or social significance. The trust openly involves and engages communities in a participatory role in the creation of both short and feature length films. For a further information info@ardentfilm.org

michael lathum b


Michael Latham?


ph:+61 (0)422287289

anna meller b


Anna Meller ?

Raised in Hungary on her father’s healthy diet of 70s American Thrillers and Sam Peckinpah Westerns, Anna moved to the UK in 2006 to study Editing at the University of the Arts, London. ”Akbulak”, edited in her 2nd year, was in competition at the Berlin, Clermont Ferrand and Encounters Film Festivals. Upon completion of her course, Anna was awarded a place on the Skillset Editing Trainee Scheme and has since amassed a great work, including two further shorts “Little Brother” and “Mine Kafon”. Anna’s TV credits include “Kubrick’s Napoleon”. Anna is a co-founder of Bullion Productions and through them has honed her skills in editing music videos and commercials.


Ardent film is a charitable trust that creates films that are of cultural or social significance. The trust openly involves and engages communities in a participatory role in the creation of both short and feature length films. For a further information info@ardentfilm.org

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Most of our team members are volunteers, interns and supporters of the Mine Kafon project. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Mine Kafon team, please get in touch via the form below or send an email to hello@minekafon.org

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