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Robotics Engineer

Job position: Internship or Freelance

Starting: Not currently open

Duration: 6+ months

Commitment: Full-time

Compensation: Free lunches and internship fee

Company description:

Mine Kafon is a R&D Lab where innovation takes place. With a multidisciplinary team, sustainable solutions for environmental and social problems are developed.

We’re currently looking to expand the team with full-time employees. You will be mainly involved in the Mine Kafon Drone project (MKD) . The MKD is developed to substitute current dangerous demining techniques and reach the goal of a landmine free world in 10 years.

The MKD flies over dangerous areas; maps it, detects and detonates landmines from a safe distance. The drone works autonomously, equipped with three separate interchangeable robotic extensions. These three methodologies combined make the MKD up to 20 times faster than traditional demining technologies. Apart from being a safer solution, it is also up to 200 times cheaper than existing demining techniques.

Role description:

You will be working in a young enthusiastic and creative R&D team. You will work closely with technology experts, cross-disciplinary engineers, product engineers, external developers and industry partners to realise proofs of concept, prototypes and products. You will help eradicate the landmine problem and with it improve lives of people in more than 60 countries.

Your tasks:

  • Building, configuring, and testing robots;
  • Designing software systems to control the robotic systems;
  • Working with software developer, hardware developer, and test/integration to implement on demonstration and product platforms;
  • Developing algorithms and software for visual aided navigation, optical sense-and-avoid, and collision avoidance.

You must have:

  • Master’s or bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering, Software, Robotics, or related fields;
  • Computer vision, visual aided navigation, or other vision-based software/algorithms experience.

Skills needed:

  • Experience working in a technology start-up, particularly focused on robotics systems, UAVs, UAV software/services;
  • Experience with computer vision;
  • Experience with C++, Python, OpenCV, OpenCL, CUDA;
  • Arduino, teensy or other similar micro controllers;
  • Experience with Matlab/Simulink and integration of code generated from such tools with other systems (e.g. within ROS);
  • Experience with the development of real-time software architectures (Development environment: Linux (Ubuntu), QT);
  • Experience working with multi-disciplinary teams integrating optical sensors (e.g. LIDAR, infrared cameras, visible cameras, etc.);
  • Domain experience in robotic systems, non-inertial navigation, sensor fusion, target tracking, guidance/planning, or other related fields;
  • Experience in developing, implementing and testing novel algorithms for autonomous systems;
  • Understanding of software/hardware integration considering issues such as time synchronisation, data communication over a variety of networks, interaction between device drivers and high-level algorithms, memory management, etc;
  • Experience with machine learning packages (TensorFlow etc), implementations on embedded systems (FPGA, Raspberry PI, Arduino boards), and software implementation in GPU platforms (e.g. Jetson TK1/TX1) are pluses.

What can you expect:

  • Opportunity to work on an award-winning project;
  • Competitive market salary;
  • Free lunches and fun environment;
  • You will be directly involved in development of the product and take responsibility for your tasks;
  • You will have the opportunity to learn how to manage complex projects with developers all-around the world.

Please apply below by mail and send us your CV

 :  +31 62 00 85 65 1
Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00