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De-miners and defense forces around the globe face extreme and often unnecessary dangers and difficulties while involved with surveillance, field preparation and UXO removal in areas containing remnants of war. Problems contributing to this include hidden danger and difficult terrains that need to be carefully mapped and analysed in order to avoid serious risks. The Destiny drone could become an integral tool for de-miners and field survey teams in these situations.

How it works

Hazardous areas are identified via live video stream using a high resolution camera with powerful zooming capabilities. Identified mines or craters are then marked on a digital map by the user. A 3D map of the area of interest is then created using the autonomous mapping functionalities. This map can then be utilised to further inspect the terrain and potentially identify dangerous regions using computer vision algorithms.

The Destiny drone is a long range surveillance drone for integration into a variety of high-end industries. The drone incorporates a high resolution 10x zoom camera on board with a three axis gimbal and is capable of long-range flights up to a few kilometres in distance, maintaining precise position information with the use of RTK technology. The Destiny drone is designed with high performance carbon fibre to reduce weight and increase flight time up to 1 hour. Due to the X8 motor configuration, if one or two motors fail in emergency situations, the Destiny is still capable of flying safely. Compact, durable and able to operate in difficult weather conditions, this is a piece of equipment designed to last.

The MK Destiny takes off and starts its flight with a push of the button from the MK Ground Station.

The MK Destiny is guided by the drone pilot above the field it inspects for its surveillance mission.


The MK Destiny is compatible with the MK Ground Station, which was specifically designed for the Mine Kafon Drone platform. There is an inbuilt app for the Destiny drone on the MK Ground Station, and simply selecting the Destiny drone in the app will make the drone immediately ready for operation. Click on the button below to find out more about the integration between the MK Destiny and the MK Ground Station.

  • Autopilot function available from the base

  • Shipped in water and shock-proof case

  • Tablet included in package

  • Transmitter included in package

  • Full HD live stream available up to 3 km

  • Lipo battery set included in the package

Customised according to your needs

As mines are located in many different places around the world, our drones are built to resist various weather conditions. The MK Destiny does its job regardless of temperature, wind or humidity. And since we have experience designing art pieces, the looks of our drones are just as important as their functionality. You can choose your favourite design based on the type of terrain it will be operating in – and, of course, personal preference as well.



Forest Camo

Desert Camo

BodyworkCarbon fibre and ABS
Size63 x 54 x 23 cm
Propellers38,5 cm
Weight5,5 kg
Flight time60 min
Motors8 brushless motors
PayloadMax 6 kg
Mapping camera10x optical zoom, high resolution
Film cameraFull HD 1080 P, 60 FPS, 10 x zoom, 3 axis gimball
Top speed75 km/h
Wind resistence88 km/h
Flight time40 min
Hovering time60 min
Water resistenceSplash proof
Temperature range-40 to 60 °C
  • Bodywork: Carbon fibre

  • Size: 60 x 50 x 25 cm

  • Weight: 5,5 kg

  • Flight time: 60 min

  • Motors: 400 Kv

  • Payload: Max 6 kg

  • Mapping camera: 10x optical zoom, high resolution

  • Film camera: Full HD 1080 P, 60 FPS, 10 x zoom, 3 axis gimball

  • Battery: 6S, 18.000 mAh lipo

  • Top speed: 75 km/h

  • Wind resistence: 88 km/h

  • Flight time: 40 mins

  • Hovering time: 60 min

  • Water resistence: Splash proof

  • Temperature range: 40 to 60 °C

“When a war is over I think it’s a cowardly thing to leave the war behind you in minefields that hit women and children and the most vulnerable. Imagine the war is finished and you go to work and there are snipers shooting at you.”

Paul McCartney