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Mine Kafon Ball

The original Mine Kafon ball is a large wind-powered device, heavy enough to detonate landmines as it rolls across the ground. Massoud Hassani drew inspiration for the project from his childhood growing up on the outskirts of Kabul, where he would play around the minefields with homemade, wind-powered toys.

The Mine Kafon is approximately the height and weight of the average man, allowing it to trigger landmines as it rolls across them. The core  is a 17kg iron casing, surrounded by dozens of low-cost bamboo legs; each capped with specially designed compliant plastic “feet” which can adapt to rough terrains. The ball is equipped with a GPS unit that maps the route the Mine Kafon has taken, allowing data to be utilised by local communities and others.

The Mine Kafon ball showcased how design driven by functionality, environment and artistry can educate and empower primary users, whilst inspiring others into involvement with an issue such as mine aid. Since then and based on such principles, the company has now expanded into a progressive R&D Lab.

“It’s angering that not everybody has signed this treaty to ban landmines. It’s disgusting, it really is, because it is fact that [mines] hurt a high percentage of civilians. They’re not effective in any other real way. They’ve enough weapons for war”.

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