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MK Ground Station

Base Station and Software

The MK Ground Station is where the drone, the robotic components and other accessories are controlled and monitored from. This device is mobile, meaning that it can be easily transported. The Ground Station is able to manually control all the drones and robotics or set the “Autopilot” mode. The station features a screen which shows all of the data that is wirelessly received from the on-board computer, making it possible to monitor the position of the MK Drones, the number of detections and the followed trajectory. The detections and information collected by the MK demining units are streamed to the Ground station, where they are analysed.

MK mapping software in action

The two MK drones and their attachments are fully integrated with the software on the MK Ground Station, and communicate their output in real time. This way, the mission operator can stay up do date with progress at all times. Watch the video in order to get an idea about how the software functions.

Autopilot and manual mode

When functioning in its autopilot mode, MK Manta flies in a programmable pattern based on GPS/RTK coordinates with an accuracy of 4 centimeters. From the base station, the robot can be programmed to start at a particular location and scan a designated area. The MK Manta will fly over the chosen area and perform the scanning and marking process. The MK Manta autopilot features a telemetry connection, with which it can adjust the routes in real time while the robot is in flight.

The drone can be programmed to come back to the base station if there are any technical discrepancies or the reliability of the results is hindered. The MK Manta can be controlled manually from the base station. This mode is useful for terrains that contain obstacles (e.g. trees) that the autopilot might struggle to navigate. The person operating the drone from the base station is able to control the drone using the live video camera to remotely see where the MK Manta has to fly next.

Destiny mapping test flight

The MK Destiny hovers over the ground and maps the terrain as it goes, feeding the data into the MK Ground Station. Check out the video to watch a mapping test flight with the MK Destiny.

Data collection

The Ground Station software and its algorithms combine the collected data from the sensors to locate the exact potential dangers in the area. This information becomes easily visible on the user platform, and can be immediately analysed.

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