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Our Team

At Mine Kafon, our team of engineers, designers, marketeers and salespersons collaborates together from our in-house lab and from around the rest of the world to systematically improve solutions for UXO removal. We are a diverse team of young, multinational and multidisciplinary individuals all working towards a common purpose, and we are driven by the inspirational humanitarian goal of the company.

Changing the world from Maastricht

Our office is located in Maastricht, one of the most international cities in The Netherlands. From here, we work hard in order to change the world, and to make our vision of a landmine-free planet come true.

“Landmines are among the most barbaric weapons of war, because they continue to kill and maim innocent people long after the war itself has ended. Also, fear of them keeps people off the land, and thus prevents them from growing food.”

Kofi Annan