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Take a look at our video collection below in order to learn more about Mine Kafon and its mission. You can find everything from interviews, lectures, award ceremonies, product demonstrations, media appearances and documentaries.

An introduction of the MKD technology, how it works, as well as how everything started for the Hassani brothers and how they got inspiration for their project.

In this interview for Discovery Channel, Massoud and a part of the Mine Kafon team explain the MKD technology and oversee a live demonstration of the drone.

In this interview for Het Klokhuis, Massoud explains how the MK Ball works, where the inspiration behind the project came from, and how the MKD system was initially designed. Dutch only.

Mine Kafon winning the ‘Safe and Secure Society’ prize at Accenture Innovation Awards 2017 for its unmanned airborne demining system, the Mine Kafon Drone.

The Hassani brothers, Mahmud and Massoud, presenting an early version of their MKD project, from Mine Kafon’s previous headquarters in Eindhoven. Dutch only.

RTL Z interviews Massoud Hassani at Mine Kafon Lab’s office in Maastricht. He gives a short tour of the workspace, and describes the technology’s development. Dutch only.

Massoud’s talk at TEDx Utrecht about a forgotten problem – the presence of millions of landmines around the world.

A very short look at the Mine Kafon Ball project, back from when it was freshly released on Kickstarter.

Mahmud presenting the early version of the MKD project to Hart van Nederland, while still in Eindhoven. Dutch only. 

Massoud and Mahmud in an early TV interview about the Mine Kafon Ball, and the company’s plans for the future. Dutch only.

This is a short sneak peak of the diverse activities taking place every day at Mine Kafon Lab: industrial design, soldering, electrical connectors and 3D printing components.

Massoud talking on why progress in mine detection and clearance technology is important, and how Mine Kafon is well positioned to achieve its ambitious targets.