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Software Developer

Job position: Internship or Freelance

Starting: Not currently open

Duration: 6+ months

Commitment: Full-time

Compensation: Free lunches and internship fee

Company description:

Mine Kafon is an R&D Lab where innovation takes place. With a multidisciplinary team, sustainable solutions for environmental and social problems are developed.

We’re currently looking to expand the team with full-time employees. You will be mainly involved in the Mine Kafon Drone project (MKD). The MKD is developed to substitute current dangerous demining techniques and reach the goal of a landmine free world in 10 years.

The MKD flies over dangerous areas; maps it, detects and detonates landmines from a safe distance. The drone works autonomously, equipped with three separate interchangeable robotic extensions. These three methodologies combined make the MKD up to 20 times faster than traditional demining technologies. Apart from being a safer solution, it is also up to 200 times cheaper than existing demining techniques.

Role description:

Thanks to MKD and other projects, our company is growing fast, and we are looking for a skilled software developer. We currently have two big Software Projects that need to be developed in parallel.

One is the development of flight controller firmware. The software basis for this is the PX4 flight stack, running on pixhawk hardware. For this you will need to be familiar with C/C++ and embedded development. Your main responsibilities will be to integrate robot control and feedback systems as well as general customisation of the software to our specific needs.

The second one is the ground station software with which the drones are controlled. Currently we are using QGroundControl for this, which is developed with the QT-Framework. Your job will be to customise the user interface to add controls and visualisations for the robots as well as adding/expanding additional functionality. Later we would like to be able to run the control software on all available platforms (phones, tablets, PCs), which should be possible with QTs cross-compilation features.

As these are rather big projects, we’ll probably have at least two people working together on this. Achieve project success by proactively communicating risks, known issues, and changelogs.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Designing, prototyping, interfaces for the Mine Kafon Ground Station;
  • Creating interfaces for Windows and Linux;
  • Conduct research into existing technologies and how they can be adapted to suit the requirements of our products;
  • Documentation of designs and procedures;
  • Communicating with vendors and manufacturers.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Currently enrolled in or recently graduated with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, electronic engineering, aerospace engineering, or related technical field;
  • Responsibility of your own work;
  • Be able to cooperate as an individual whilst working in a multi-disciplinary environment;
  • Problem solving ability and open to applying new ideas within the company;
  • Authorisation to work in the Netherlands.

Key skills:

  • BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science or an electronic related field;
  • QGroundControl, Mission Planner, Pixhawk;
  • Experience with wireless communication protocols (MAVLINK);
  • C/C++, Matlab, computer vision;
  • QT-Framework.

What will you get:

  • Opportunity to work on a social humanitarian award winning project;
  • Free lunches and fun environment;
  • You will be directly involved in development of the product and take responsibility for your tasks;
  • You will be working closely with the founder of the company;
  • You will have the opportunity to learn how to manage complex projects with developers all-around the world.

Please apply below by mail and send us your CV

 :  +31 62 00 85 65 1
Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00